Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Authentic YOU

The highest point of your journey back to you is the moment when you finally see yourself through the eyes of truth. If you can see your authentic self, you will love what you see. You see the magnificence of your presence; you see how wonderful and beautiful you are.
You are here to enjoy life. You are not here to suffer over your drama or your personal importance. It’s not you; it doesn’t belong to your presence. You are here to be a dreamer, to be an artist, to be a seer. But you cannot be a seer when you only have eyes to see your own story, your own wounds, your own victimization. When you are still focusing on what your mother did to you 20 years ago, or 40 years ago, or what your father did, or what your partner did, or what any of the other secondary characters in your story did to you, then you are not seeing the truth. If you are focusing on all that drama, then talking to you is like talking to a wall. Does this ring any bells someplace?
Before you become a seer, you are far from the simplicity of life—very far from it. You believe that you know everything. You have so many great opinions and you try to impose your opinions on everybody else. Once you become a seer, everything changes. As a seer, you see what people pretend to be, what they express, what they believe they are. You know that it’s not the truth; you know that everybody is just pretending.
But something you can see behind all that pretending is the real person. And how can you not love the real person? Just like you, the real person comes from the infinite. The real person has nothing to do with the symbols that come from the voice of knowledge; the real person has nothing to do with any story.
Imagine being the only sober person in the middle of a thousand people who are completely drunk. Are you going to have a discussion with people like that? Do you really want to believe them? You know that whatever they say isn’t the truth. And you know this because you used to be drunk too, and everything you said wasn’t the truth either.
With awareness, you can easily understand how the mind works. Once you become a seer, you see everything.
The truth is happening right in front of you. To experience life is to experience truth. To see the truth makes a huge difference in your world; to become the truth is the real goal, because that is the real you.
The truth leads me to my authenticity, to happiness, to a life that is very easy.