Friday, March 25, 2011

The Complete Picture

As we stumble through life it is always nice to

see the complete picture...
many times it
does not work out that way...
remember not to judge
anyone or anything
by bits of information....
wait until you can clearly see
and understand
the whole picture
the bus story in point form ....
-a women on the bus
watching a man with his 3 children
-the children were misbehaving
... disturbing the entire bus
-the passengers where getting more and more upset by the minute
-how could this Father
just sit there
ignoring the
horrible behaviour of his children?
-the lady could not take it any longer
-she got up and went over to the man
telling him how horrified she was
with the behaviour of his children...couldn't he
see the whole bus was annoyed...why didn't he do something?
-the man looked up and replied,
"my wife just passed away yesterday"
{a perfect example of not seeing the whole picture}