Monday, January 17, 2011

Love is so much more...
It brings peace into chaos,
Patience where there are knee-jerk reaction regrets,
Kindness where there are sharp edges,
Joy where there is pain,
Confidence and comfort where there has been fear,
Strength where one is weak and broken,
Protection over and around the vulnerable,
Speaks high worth and value to the poor,
Gives acceptance to the rejected,
Hope for the impossible,
Light in the darkness,
Love gives rather than takes,
Brings unity where there are divisions,
Understanding where there are disagreements,
Hugs where weapons were once used,
Forgiveness where there was once bleeding wounds,
Mercy where there were harsh words of judgment,
A warmth where cold abandonment once resided,
Serves an eviction notice to all that is bad,
Puts out a welcome mat to all that is good,
Love is never outlawed,
Doesn't strut, force itself, or say "me first",
Keeps no score card on others wrongs,
Puts up with a lot,
Gives children security and emotional wholeness,
Is the staying power for a lasting relationship,
Always moves forward,
Is the Force that doesn't force,
Can create a beautiful trophy out of a trashed life,
Never runs out of or uses up all resources,
Is the reason why no one is ever really alone,
Can't be separated from,
And is an Ocean of so much more,
Who wouldn't want that?