Saturday, January 08, 2011

What It's All About.....

I have been asking the wrong questions. Why? Why are we here? What are we to learn?

There is no reason other than to pay witness - me to you and you to I. I see you. I see your beauty and your pain, your struggle, your rise, your settling into it: the woman on the stairs, the man on the bus, the child in the diner chair. It is only to see one another - to pay witness, to say, yes, you are of value. And me - here is my scar. Run your finger along it. Know it. We are all here - now - in our time. And it is short, but we are important within it.
And what are we to learn?
Just that and nothing more. The tenuous string of each of us. The poignancy. The brevity. We are - and then we're not. And in the meantime let's be gentle with each other, shed of ourselves judgement, for who is any one to judge another? Who is any one of us to say, I do it better, I do it right? We are all pitiable creatures, and too, we are all magnificent in our moment. We are all - each to each. And so let us pay witness. You - valuable shining fallible human you. And me, too.
It is a cruel world
but it doesn't have to be.