Monday, April 11, 2011

Be Proud of Your Age

What is is about aging and growing older?
I know lots of women and some men who are so scared of getting older. It's almost like they are ashamed to admit their real age.
We as women should celebrate aging and growing older. We should be proud of our age.
So embrace getting older. Walk talk and proud. Don't hide your real age.
We are not growing older, but we are getting smarter, we are getting more successful, we are getting stronger, we are getting more experienced, we are getting more loving and we are learning to live our life to the fullest. Being 30, being 40 or being 50 is just a number. Aging is just a natural process that has nothing to do with who we are and how we feel.
Did you know that aging is actually a process of continual mental development?
In 20's we are considered Master Planners
These are the years where we make plans for our future. We think about our education and careers. Our drive is in full gear as we organize our life and put our plans into actions.We are young women and last thing on our mind is aging and growing older.
In 30's we are considered Natural Nurturers
Our focus is turning away from the selfish "all about me" stage. We are thinking about starting family, putting our careers on hold to raise children. We are becoming more aware of others and their feelings. We are changing into helpful, giving and generous women who are ready to become mothers and protectors.
In 40's we are considered Unstoppable Strivers
This is the time when we can accomplish anything we set our minds to. This is our time to get what we want from life and nothing will stop us. The increased production of testosterone during the 40's makes us Superwomen. This little hormone gives us high levels of energy and perseverance.
We are getting older and more successful.
In 50's we are considered Self-Assured Risk Takers
Now we hit the half-century mark and we achieved many accomplishments. The biggest accomplishment for most of us was raising a family. Our children are growing up, we started the second half of our life. We are getting back the sense of freedom we had in our 20's. This is the time when we follow our hearts and we don't care what others think. Growing older just became interesting.
In 60's and 70's we are considered Unflagging Optimists
At this point in our life we are truly happy. The years of experience taught us a lot about the world and ourselves. We know what makes us happy and what brings us down. We surround ourselves with calmness and happiness as much as we can. We are determined to enjoy every day. We are not afraid of growing older and we proudly admit our age.
So think about this next time you are trying to hide your age or you get upset with getting older.
Make aging and getting older something you are proud of. After all Women are like a good wine....we get better with age.