Friday, April 15, 2011


Depression is a convulsion of the mind and the crushing of the soul, in which one sinks helplessly away from the world once known, and is shackled by the chains of all the negative emotions in life. Self-esteem disappears only to be replaced by overwhelming guilt, torment, anguish, anxiety and despair, all of which become an endless theme.
The guardian of this hell is named Solitude. Stress torments and change terrorizes and both criticism and encouragement serve only to remind of one’s own ineptitude. The resulting pain augers rage and the struggle for calmness by way of non-thinking, non-feeling and non-doing. There is no reprieve with sleep and the days are filled with nightmares, screaming in the form of tears which compress themselves within the chest and neck, damned up ever so tightly behind the swollen, frozen floodgates of the mind.
Held by a timeless abyss and devoid of strength, it is an exhausting journey of endurance, as if a single day. Without tomorrows, Hope dangles by a single thread.