Sunday, April 10, 2011

I Promise....

I promise myself that from now on I will speak up despite how I feel. I promise that I will stand up for myself when I feel violated or disrespected. I promise that I will be my own leader instead of following others. I promise to stay true to myself, even if it means losing a few “friends”. I promise to apply myself to every day; even if I end up failing, at least I know I tried and did my best. I promise that I will no longer stay silent to protect others feelings or be afraid of being judged. I promise that I will be the best that I can be without shame or fear, even if it means outshining others. I promise that I will excel at being confident, intelligent and diligent in everything that I do. I promise to face my fears when necessary. I promise to love every bit of me-both inside and out. I promise to ask God for help and guidance when lost, confused, or alone. I promise to work on bettering myself as a person. I promise to let the past be the past and focus on the present while preparing for the future. I promise to let nothing or no one prevent me from fulfilling my dreams. I promise to give help to those who truly need it. I promise to live, laugh, learn and love. I promise to always trust my instincts. I promise to stand up for those who are weak, afraid or have no voice. I promise to not let others thoughts, feelings or opinions bother me. I promise not to judge others based on their appearance, but judge them by their character instead. I promise to try new things. I promise to give others and myself a chance. I promise to forgive those who’ve hurt me. I promise to forgive myself when I’ve hurt someone. I promise to fulfill my true potential. I promise to save myself. I promise to be strong, bold and independent. I promise to admit when I’m wrong or make a mistake. I promise to be kind to others. Last but not least, I promise to do my best to fulfill these promises for the rest of my life.