Monday, April 11, 2011

The Real You....???

Who are you? Not your name, your birth sign, your parents, your address or your job. Those are just facts and figures, they are not the ideas, thoughts, hopes and dreams that create the unique person that is the one and only YOU.
What makes your heart soar?
What disappoints you?
What gives you energy?
What do you wish you could improve?
Maybe you have your ideas of who you are, or maybe not. Perhaps you have spent your life living the life people “expect” from you. This means your goals and dreams are not yours, but are based on what others want or expect for you or from you.
But your life is just that, your life.
Spend some time alone, without your children, your spouse, your significant other, or your friends. Free yourself from the noise and distractions that fill up life. Turn off the television, the radio, or MP3 player.
Find out who you are.
Make it just you and the thoughts in your head. Then think back through your life. Write down the things that motivate you, the disappointments and the fears. Recall what brings you courage and strength. It does not have to be current, it could be from years ago, it could even be from childhood.
Find out who you are not.
You may be so accustomed to what others expect, that finding the real you is difficult. So what disappoints you, drains your strength, and things that you dislike will help you find what you are not. For some of us, understanding that is very helpful in finding who you are beneath it all.
What is your pattern?
You may find there are patterns. If every time you did research you felt full of energy. Perhaps all the causes you feel passionate about involve children. Maybe you recall helping at a wedding and while everyone else was frantic you felt at peace.
Rinse and Repeat

This is not a one time exercise, discovering the real you is a lifetime exercise. We grow, we change. And if you do not know who you are, it may take time, days, weeks, maybe years to find the real you.
But as time moves on, your life will change. This is just the progress part of life. As you change you will need to rediscover what it is that makes you.
But what better day to get started than today?
Discover you.
He who knows others is learned. He who knows himself is wise. ~ Lao-tzu Tao te Ching
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Empowerment comes from a place of being present in one’s self, of acting from a place that is solely a journey of personal truth. To become one’s self more so is really to be who you are. Not to act differently to suit the moment, but to come fully into who you are. To be present through all your actions, thoughts, and words. Not to let yourself fall behind so that you will fit in, be liked, or gain something.

When we come from a place that allows our true self to come forward, we enact the beginning of our true purpose. This can feel very strong, allowing us to succeed in life as we are meant to, not hiding behind it. We are all meant to have an astonishing journey, with purpose and happiness. If we portray ourselves in a way that is not aligned with our true selves, this journey can not begin. Happiness is further away.
Empowerment is simply taking yourself seriously, giving yourself a chance to be fully present, engaged, and fully aware of who you are and what you are meant for. Everyone has this chance, the ability to gain access to their true self and not only walk strongly through the world but to be their true self doing it. Give yourself the chance and you will find the path gets easier, who you are feels more true, and your journey will begin.
Being present through your actions, not portraying someone else, allows everything to flow as it should. Listening to yourself, giving yourself what you need, desire, or require gives you a chance to become yourself. On a daily basis, giving yourself first what is real so that you may be so is the beginning of coming fully into yourself. Remember, it is your life. Live it fully to the best of your ability and the truth will come through.