Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Inspiring Quotes and Good Advice....

" Promise a lot but deliver even more "
The wind of change is always blowing
Become an agent of change
You create your life with your thoughts
Give freely and willingly and watch your blessings increase
Be a blessing by blessing others
I know you can't help everyone but there's nothing wrong with wanting to
Wisdom lies with the poor and neglected
People often ask me what I'm doing today? I often respond "I'm shaking trees and grabbing whatever falls out." Meaning I'm doing whatever to get my business going, to get the job done. I'm marketing myself or whatever you chose to call it. Whatever it takes....
Inspiration is a beautiful thing
A heart that aches is a heart that once loved
Struggles produce beautiful things
The first one at the top isn't always the best person
Don't ever deny, prevent, discourage, or not help an enthusiastic person. Especially an enthusiastic and goal-oriented person such as "MYSELF."
Do a good deed
Aim High
Love is beautiful
Dust off your dreams
Be creative, set goals, and don't let your peers determine your level of success.
If you wish to be great - you will be great.
Getting fired can be a very good thing.
All of my obstacles turned out to be pieces of me. They have helped form the person I am today.
Work hard and be patient - there's a season and time for everything.
Whoever has desire, faith and belief - Succeeding is not the question. Time is.
Believe it first, picture it second, faith it third, and receive it fourth.
Untie those ropes that hold you down -- Practice forgiving.
Become a student of success
A single idea can open a whole new world for you
Continue in spite of opposition you'll meet.
Give to the poor - you will be blessed.
Integrity - The ground a person walks on.
The more you write things down the more likely they will be.
A diamond in the rough is where most people start.
The mind is a wonderful gift.
My Dad use to always tell me " There are four words on a dollar bill you need to know - IN GOD WE TRUST. "
Some people don't get help because they have never been any help.
Start living and stop existing.
Love is a universal force.
Everybody needs a coach.
Lend a hand and help someone.
There's nothing like dreaming.
You can do it if you try.
See IT - Seek IT - Get IT.
Ask for help through PRAYER.
Make a commitment to self-development.
The Few, The Proud, YOU.
Attitude, Belief, and Confidence are the keys to winning and your best defense.
" The Strangest Secret is You become what you THINK about "
Don't let bad credit get you down.
Use Your Mind.
Carry a pen with you at all times.
I would rather win than lose but losing doesn't mean I've failed.
The road ahead is full of risks but someone has to travel it -- Why not YOU.
Vision yourself living a life of financial freedom.
Listening is one hard task that I must learn to conquer.
Start a library in your home.
When doubt surfaces put a blanket over it.
Be a leader but learn how to follow.
Love is a healer and a motivator.
Don't depend on memory, write things down.
Life is an obstacle course -- beat it.
You only live once so please FOLLOW your DREAMS.
"Aim at nothing and you'll hit it every time."
REVENGE - however sweet, let God handle it.
Everyone needs a little motivation sometimes - including motivators.
"Help Someone Else and You Simply Help Yourself"
Believe in God, Believe in yourself, and have faith in your abilities.
Success is probably one of your best ways to get revenge.
How will I pay my bills? FAITH, Belief and of course labor.
Life is interesting at times.
Some people despise another person's drive.
Life is about living and learning and making mistakes and growing.
Think Very BIG - Don't settle for less - Dream - Set goals.
Read a book called " Life's Little Treasure Book" by H. Jackson Brown Jr.
Read the book "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill.
Read the book "Think and Grow Rich-a black choice" by Dennis Kimbro.
A failure is an opportunity to try something else or do it a different way.
Those people that you think doesn't want to help you are the tests that you must endure to see if you really want what you are trying to pursue.
At least ONCE a WEEK - help someone you don't know.
My goal is to have a "Think Very BIG day" or a "Think Very BIG week" for schools throughout the nation. This day schools will help students learn about setting goals, dreaming, planning their future etc.
Unity is a whole lot better than DIVISION.
Love one another.
Judge a person from the heart and not from what party he or she belongs to.
Start believing in yourself TODAY.
Strive to be a good person.
God is a FORGIVING God.
Everybody makes mistakes - TRY Forgiving. It's tough sometimes but well worth the effort.
Forgiving clears the mind and body of debris, sickness and many other poisons.
"To MUCH is GIVEN - much is REQUIRED."
If you have never been poor you can never know what being poor is like.
It only takes one person with the courage and desire to influence someone or to make a difference in someone's life. Could that someone be you? Start today and make a difference in someone's life. Help someone else and you simply help yourself.
There are many Pharoh's living in this world today. God heartened their hearts to prove that with God, nothing is impossible.
An inspired individual is a catalyst for others to see.
Life is too precious not to love every single day.
Love is the centerpiece of life itself.