Monday, December 20, 2010

It wasn't that anyone had been forgotten, no children had been slighted or made unhappy and no adult had been left unremembered.  The presents had all been distributed and all the stockings were beautifully filled- all that is except one: One stocking that had never been hung.  It was the stocking intended for the child of Bethlehem.  Of all the people belonging at that Christmas gathering, only He had been forgotten.  Only He had been left out of the festivities.  This didn't seem quite right, inasmuch as it was His birthday that was being celebrated.   Since then the little white stocking has hung in the center of all our stockings.  On Christmas Eve,  we gather in the living room to recall and express our feelings of that Christmas Eve so many years ago.  During this time, we reach into this stocking and pass out the papers that were placed in the stocking the year before.  Each person quietly reviews last years gift and then privately writes down his or her offering or gift to Jesus.  The new gifts are then placed in the stocking to be reviewed the next Christmas Eve.  Your gift could include personal goals you wish to achieve, family goals, or ways you will be of service to others in the coming year, maybe a relationship you wish to improve. These are some ideas....Wishing You and your family a Christ-filled Season.