Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Visitor on Christmas Eve
Joseph P. Rogers

It was a cold, cloudy, blustery night;
Even the moon gave little light.
Santa’s sleigh flew beneath the storm
So that his reindeer would meet no harm.
The nine reindeer flew very low,
Just above the new-fallen snow.
Although Santa slowed down his reindeers’ dash,
Into a snowbank, they did smash.
That Christmas Eve, Santa crashed his sleigh,
But it did not cause him any dismay.
He knew that he had friends nearby,
And his reindeer would again soon fly.
“This was not a night to be aloft.
At least this snowbank is very soft!”
“My good, faithful team of reindeer,
Take a break and rest right here.”
“I will be back in a little while;
I’ll bring you treats to make you smile.”
After bidding the reindeer goodbye,
He trudged through snowdrifts very high.
Santa knew that he must hurry
So that the world’s children would not worry.
He had presents to deliver,
And needed to fly his sleigh over hills and rivers.
Under glowing trees on Christmas morning
Would be the presents for which children were yearning.
Santa thought about the three kings
Who to the Christ Child gifts did bring.
“Like those wise men who followed a star,
Every year I travel far.”
Santa hoped that he would not have far to roam
Before he spotted his friends’ home.
And he had forgotten to bring his cell phone!
“There is their house!” Santa called out with glee.
“Soon my friends I shall see.”
“I want to see David, Eve, and Jessy,
And, of course, my good friend, Lexi!”
After Santa rang the bell,
He knew that all was well.
The family’s faces were all alight
To see their visitor this holy night.
“What a wonderful surprise!
We cannot believe our eyes!”
“Come in, Come in,
See our tree;
You are as welcome as can be.”
Santa entered the home, warm and bright,
Glad to be in from the cold, windy night.
The Christmas tree with sparkling lights
Was truly a lovely sight.
On the tree, every color could be seen:
Red, yellow, orange, blue, white, and green.
His friends treated Santa like a king,
And to him some hot cocoa they did bring.
“Thank you, Lexi, oh so much!
By your kindness, my heart has been touched.”
“But now I must be on my way
Because it will soon be Christmas Day!”
Shortly after bidding his friends goodbye,
He returned to his sleigh to find
The reindeer ready to fly.
“Our journey tonight earns you honor;
Good work, Rudolph, Blitzen, Comet, Cupid, and Donner;
Well done, Dasher, Dancer, Vixen, and Prancer.”
“Dash away! Dash away!” was Santa’s joyful cry
As they ascended into the sky.
Christmas Eve was transformed into a magical night,
Filled with goodness, wonder, and light.