Friday, December 03, 2010

God's Peace

Though this maybe difficult, one thing I know is true.

That the God of Peace and Love, has His Angels watching over you.

When the pain is great and we cry with deep despair,

there is a peace that will some day come,

because I know God cares, and God still answers prayers.

All things that happen in our life, will work out for our good

and though we can not understand:

Even our agony has a place within God's master plan.

If we could see around the bend, a year ahead or maybe even two.

We may begin to understand the things, God has brought us through.

My heart does not ache and hurt quite as bad as yours;

but there is still pain within my heart

and a void to which there are no cures.

Time we are told, will heal the pain within our hearts we feel;

but I'm so glad to know until it does,

we can rest assured that God's love and peace are real.

God is watching us through His eyes of love and grace,

to give us peace and comfort, until we see His blessed face.

Please remember this my friend,


So close your eyes and climb right into the open hands of God, and as

you feel God's presence; may He fill you with His peace,

and grace and love.

God will never leave you, no matter what you go through.

God's love is there to guide you, no matter what the task.

One day when we can see all the trials, God has carried us through,

Then we will understand and know that we are finally home at last.

As God's angels hover around you, doing what God has said;

May you find the comfort you are seeking as you rest your weary head.

May God's peace fill your heart, as you rest within God's might hands,

to save and love and comfort you, is God's master plan.