Monday, December 06, 2010

I've been getting ready for Christmas

I'm revving up for the great day

my credit card's cracked and my freezer is packed

'cause I started my shopping in May

The mistletoe's hanging in bunches

'cause the odd Christmas kiss isn't wrong

and the Vicar I've found - quite likes calling round

and exploring my crowns with his tongue

The bin men have gotten quite friendly

they're after a present I fear

they won't feel so chuffed when I tell them - get stuffed

'cause they don't speak the rest of the year

The family is coming for dinner

last year it was quite a good laugh

we ate fairly late - dished the veg on the plate

found the turkey was still in the bath

the Kids are all pink with excitement

'cause Santa will come so they say

their lists are extensive - extremely expensive

and they'll break it all by Boxing day

But it's worth all that fuss Christmas morning

when their little eyes are all aglow

when we're all feeling merry full of goodwill and sherry

and suffering from wind Ho Ho Ho

But please don't forget why we do it

why each year we must go to this fuss

for that guy up above who brought peace and brought love and who probably owns Toys R Us.........