Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Story So Old....

The fire is bright, a crackling sound
The wonderful smell of wood smoke abounds;
A sigh slips out, as I hang my head
A feeling so heavy, a feeling of dread.

I look to the window, the snow falling down
A curtain of white, a carpet is found;
The twinkling of lights, the shine of the tree
Such beautiful things, it must mean something to me!

The smell of the baking, those cookies, divine
Out of the oven, they cool in a line;
The presents all wrapped, colors red, green and white
It all works together, such a beautiful sight.

So, why am I feeling this sadness, so low
I sit and I question, as I add one more bow;
The toiling, the cooking, the work, all aplenty
It’s nothing so different, the lists are so many.

I go to the shelf and pull down one “Old Book”
This maybe will cheer me, I’ll have one more look;
I flip through the pages and find the old story
I know it by heart, I can see all its glory.
A mother so young, and a man full of faith
The journey they took was more than a place;
Such blessings bestowed, on these two, did they know?
The wonderful gift, she surely would sow.

Such darkness with starlight, and straw, all aglow
A beautiful child, in a manger, so low;
The sheep and the donkeys, the cows lying down
A cry and a smile, such love did abound.

A humble beginning, but lessons were learned
I thought of my Saviour, my heart was up-turned;
No longer the sadness, no longer beguiled
The gift of “The Father”, Jesus, “His” child.

I finished the story and sighed once again
Only, this time, a sigh of rejoicing within;
A tear of the joy from the story, I shed
Like sheep with the shepherd, I too felt led.

To tell you just read it ~ accept his great love
An act all too simple, it comes from above;
So, bless you, my dear ones, a moment, just take
This glorious Christmas, Oh let us awake!

To sit and remember the story, so old
The Christ Child, our Saviour, “The Book”, it has told….